Our Team

Molori Safari has an experienced team who are passionate about providing the ultimate safari experience to our guests.  All qualified in their specific areas of specialty and dedicated to making your Molori experience an unforgettable one. 

Lucky Nokane

Lucky’s love for nature and wildlife started at the early age of 10 when he was exposed to a cattle farm close to his home village.  He spent most of his free time visiting this farm where he got to learn about animals, which included wildlife.  This sparked an inquisitiveness about the natural world and one which Lucky’s grandfather further cultivated through storytelling.  He spent many hours outdoors and at night listening to wonderful stories his grandfather would share about the stars, the bush, wildlife and plants.  

Lucky started his guiding career in 2011 and has worked in the Madikwe Game Reserve for nine years.  Because he had such a love for nature as a young boy, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge, and particularly with children.  He loves pointing out the smaller things in the bush and teaching kids how to make their own toys using nature, for example, making a whistle from the Red Star Zinnia flower, and discovering animal tracks.  He always loves the excitement and interest the kids show when they are out learning with him.

Lucky is also a qualified trails guide and finds the guests’ exhilaration of getting up close to wildlife on bush walks extremely rewarding. 

Lucky says what he loves most about nature is that even after all the years spent as a guide, he still learns something new every day. 

John D Ditsele – Head Guide

John D is a 36-year-old experienced field guide who loves to be in the bush sharing the knowledge that he has accumulated over the last 12 years as a field guide. He has worked over ten years within the boundaries of Madikwe Game Reserve. He is a general practitioner within the field of guiding and a Madikwe specialist. John D loves to explore and discover all aspects of nature and truly fulfil the dreams of Molori’s guests. He is a keen birder, ‘poo’ologist’ and loves to watch different animal behaviour. Other passions include astronomy and studying the surrounding fauna and flora. JohnD specialises in guided walks – this reminds him of when he was 8 years old walking with his grandfather collecting plant specimens to be used for medicinal purposes. He is passionate about spending time with families and especially children, helping them experience the big and small things that make up the bush. He is a master in re-assembling skeletons and making disposable toothbrushes out of gwarri bush. John D is the Molori storyteller sharing bush and personal stories around campfires.

Jerry Ubisi – Senior Guide

Jerry developed an interest and a passion for wildlife as early as 14 years. This passion turned into a dream career and Jerry now has more than eight years guiding experience. He has been guiding in the Madikwe Game Reserve for five years and previously spent three years in the Kruger National Park and Sabi Sabi. His fervor for nature comes alive when sharing his knowledge of the bush and wildlife with guests. He is particularly interested in relating stories about the indigenous tree life, identifying birds and is a keen astronomer. 

Jerry has a special talent for tracking and a natural ability with children. He loves kids and kids love him. Jerry does special children’s game drives on which he shares his knowledge of animal tracks, fun things about indigenous trees and creates casts of animal tracks with the children which they can take home.